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Antique Auction - March 28th, 2019
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Created 03/05/2019

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C-1. Foreign silver coins

C-2. Foreign silver coins

C-3. Foreign coins

C-4. Foreign coins

C-5. Foreign coins

C-6. Lot Tokens

C-6. reverse

C-7. a. Philippines coins

C-7. Philippines reverse

C-8. Mixed fractional currency

C-9. a. Large dollars

C-9. close

C-9. MA bank note 1805

C-10. a.Confederate dollars

C-10. close

C-11. Confederate mixed denomination

C-12. a. Lot tokens

C-12. American CW tokens

C-12. American Tokens reverse

C-12. close up

C-13. Indian Head pennies

C-13. reverse

C-14. a. Indian Head pennies

C-14. IH detail

C-15. Large cents culls

C-16. Foreign silver coins

C-17. Mixed Canadian coins

C-18. a. Indian Head pennies

C-18. close up

C-19. Foreign silver

C-20. Foreign silver

C-21. V nickels

C-22. Wheat pennies

C-23. A. Nickels

C-25. A. early foreign silver

C-25. B. reverse

C-25. C. close

C-25. D

C-25. E.

C-25. F.

C-26. American coins

C-26. a

C-26. B


C-27. A. Foreign coins

C-27. B

C-27. C.

C-27. D

C-27. E

No Lot No Lot
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