Leo Legare Auctioneer


Couture and Vintage Clothing Auction

With some miscellaneous items added

Timed Auction ending June 16, @ 7:00 p.m. held on Auctionninja.com

Collection of antique and vintage clothing and materials deaccessioned from a historical institution. Including a large selection of antique Victorian dresses to include 3 wedding gowns, some deco and later dresses as well. Ladies’ white nightgowns and petticoats, night caps, two Ladies Quaker bonnets with shoulder pieces, some Ladies accessories, selection of children’s dresses in various states of repair. Children’s white dresses and nightgowns, baby bonnets, shoes, Selection of shawls including embroidered florals in silk, early paisley shawls, white and black lace shawls and a few scarfs. Hula skirt, paper dress, skirts, capes, Ladies lambskin jacket, Men’s jackets, two tuxedos, partial military uniforms, Quilts include large early chintz, early log cabin style, crazy quilts, wool blankets, homespun bed covers, popcorn bed covers, odd materials, needlework and linens. Also included; costume jewelry, wicker baby carriage, sterling silver, Llardro figurines, early gin bottles, CW relief carvings, braided rug, photos and ephemera.

Leo P. Legare, Auctioneer

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