Leo Legare Auctioneer On-Line Couture and Vintage Clothing Auction

  1. 1920’s lace wedding gown has attached cape and a collar of lace, good condition

  2. Slipper satin off-white cut on bias with self-train, empire waistline with gathers above it. Boatneck neckline decorated with petal shape puffs, long sleeves with nine small buttons on wrist line. 1930- 1940 condition good

  3. Off whiter silk crepe with lace collar gown. Cummerbund with bow at waist. Lace overlay on shoulders at sleeves, train with lace ruffle lining the hemline circa 1915, has stain on lace collar and 1 x 2” hole on train.

  4. Heavy ivory satin skirt only sold with off white satin petticoat early 1900’s

  5. Green and white silk brocade sacque dress with elbow length sleeves. Fair to good condition. Some parts missing

  6. One-piece full length unlined dress, brown and beige plaid trimmed with blue cotton applique in a scallop pattern down center front and along hem. Two patch pockets on front also trimmed with blue applique as well as cuffs on sleeves. Fair to good condition, some moth damage to blue trim

  7. Orange and black plaid full length lined dress, has matching material covered buttons. Very good condition

  8. One piece day dress, back closure, dropped shoulder line, cap over sleeves, pagoda under sleeve, three boned bodices, fan pleating up front corded/pointed waistband, cartridge pleated dome skirt. Skirt unlined double tucked deep hem with dust band. Fabric is cotton, white woven check with red highlighted pink squares. Has staining at waist and rust at back closures, small rips at hem seams

  9. Full length white lace unlined dress, condition good, has one stain toward bottom front

  10. White cotton eyelet dress that is sleeveless and has deep V back. Skirt has two tiers and is in good condition

  11. Fancy beige silk crepe dress with 21” sleeves and 9” flounce trim. There is 15” lace flounce at bottom of skirt too. Gathered at shoulders and scalloped inserts at hip line with deep V neckline. Has some staining.

  12. Tan dress with white lace short sleeves. Has stains on breast area

  13. White sheer long sleeve dress with white lace trim, pink belt and inner lining, small tears in pink silk belt

  14. White lace short sleeve dress, tufted waist and sleeves, has some wear to inner lining

  15. Two silk dresses, green floral long sleeve with white lace neck trim, colorful blue, red, black and white silk long sleeve dress has some wear at neck area

  16. Two summer dresses, short sleeve green with flowers and belt, blue with flowers long sleeve with white lace trim and belt with MOP buckle

  17. Sheer pink silk sleeveless dress in floral pattern, has some damage at shoulder area

  18. Black floral short sleeve dress with course thread needlework bottom border

  19. Lot 4 pieces, heavy red skirt with gold needlework applique and black trim, has some damage at waist, Maroon lined jacket style with long side drops having fancy applique and button front, red hooded cape with stains and significant moth damage, white and red cape with significant moth damage

  20. Black Victorian long sleeve dress, good condition

  21. Art Deco style black velvet sleeveless dress with silver bead work around the plunging V neck, good condition

  22. Two tone black and beige Deco style sleeveless dress with silky top and velvet bottom, appears to be in good condition with one small stain

  23. Black long sleeve dress with black with black floral applique pattern everywhere but the waist

  24. Tan long sleeve dress with white lace trim, has small tear at neck area

  25. Beige sleeveless dress with amber applique in a floral pattern, appears to be in good condition

  26. Sheer white long sleeve unlined dress having some discoloration

  27. Long sleeve tan dress with lace cuffs

  28. Long sleeve white dress with white applique and belt, has some discoloration

  29. Green Victorian dress with green ribbon decoration on sleeves, has damage under arms and at neck

  30. White long sleeve with applique decoration and belt, some wear around neck area

  31. Two Green long sleeve Victorian dress one pleated top and bottom, has minor damage, one has flared shoulders and matching cuffs, in poor condition in breast area and at shoulder

  32. Black Victorian long sleeve dress with v neck and some black applied rope,work decoration, has some minor damage

  33. Sheer white long sleeve unlined dress with white applique decoration, good condition

  34. Three art Deco silk dresses, green silk sleeveless two-part dress with heavy silver colored bead work, silk badly torn on top section, under skirt section has some damage to the silk as well, Orange sleeveless silk dress with silver colored diamond shaped bead work, has damage to arm pit area, White sleeveless art Deco style dress with diamond color applique decoration and tiered swag skirt section, has significant silk damage and some staining.

  35. Red Victorian long sleeve dress good condition, has a couple of buttons missing

  36. Black lined lace Art Deco style sleeveless dress, belt has jeweled bow tie shape buckle, good condition

  37. White two-piece white dress with shredded white paper decoration, has some tears, see pics

  38. Lot 8 tops/blouses, one black floral lace over white liner, 7 white lace tops

  39. Paisley shawl, 62” x 120” all in good order except one small hole, see pics

  40. Large piano scarf, approx. 64” x 72” large red and colorful floral pattern embroidered on black silky background, has hand tied knotted border with long tassels, excellent condition

  41. Two black lace tri-cornered shawls good condition

  42. Lot three white shawls, Large 118” x 64” white, red and green silk has some damage along fringe border, white with large paisley border has minor damage 54” x 50”, Cream colored shawl floral borders, 96” x 54” has minor border tears

  43. Early hand stitched paisley shawl, 66” x 68”, good condition, extra colorful border

  44. Floral embroidered silk shawl with long knotted tassels, 60” x 58” not including tassels, good condition

  45. Three white shawls, Tri-cornered white lace shawl has one tear and repair, Sheer white shawl with floral border, white with floral needlework shawl, has some staining, 52” x 120”

  46. Lot 3 scarfs, orange and blue silk scarf with black tassels 7” x 74” good condition, Paisley scarf 17” x 86” good condition, blue orange and white check silk scarf 12” x 50”

  47. Two paisley shawls, Paisley shawl with large black field 60” x 65”, Paisley shawl with two large paisleys in black field, has moth holes

  48. Two striped shawls, blue/green with yellow and red stripes, 60” x 56” good condition, Green with black and white striped blocks, with fringe 60” x 62” good condition

  49. Fuchsia scarf with blue, yellow and red striped ends with multicolored tassels in good condition 24” x 84”, red shawl with black flowers, has moth damage, 51” x 55”, good condition, brown and white stripe silk shawl in poor condition has large tears, small silk floral scarf on white field, 29” x 30”

  50. Lot 3 shawls, Black stripped with long tassels 42” x 58” has some damage, Brown with long fringe 66” x 62” good condition, Black shawl 60” x 56” has some damage

  51. Black lace shawl with heavy silver applique design 78” x 24” good condition

  52. Two black lace shawls, Sheer black lace tri corner shawl good condition, black lace shawl good condition

  53. Lot 3 Paisley shawls, paisley stripped shawl with no center field, good condition, paisley shawl with black field, 124” x 61”, good condition, paisley shawl fragment, very poor condition

  54. Lot 3 Paisley shawls, paisley shawl with small black center field, good condition, paisley shawl with large black center field 674” x 128” has some small holes, 2 small as is fragments not pictured

  55. Lot 3 shawls, white lace tri corner shawl 78” x 42” good condition, white silk shawl with long fringe border 62” x 64”, good condition, black with blue, green and red stripes, has damage in center fold, 66” x 64”

  56. Lot 10 child’s dresses in various states of repair, many have significant damage

  57. Lot 11 child’s white dresses and child’s lace tops not all pictured

  58. Lot 9 baby bonnets, plus two baby blankets as is not pictured

  59. Lot 8 Ladies night caps plus one fancy embroidered Brides nightcap

  60. Lot babies’ shoes, baby boots, 2 pair leather gloves

  61. Lot 12 Ladies white night gowns, one badly stained, two have discoloration

  62. Lot 10 Ladies white nightgowns plus 3 tops and 5 bottoms not pictured

  63. Lot 10 white night gowns, some have discoloration

  64. Lot 20 white petticoats

  65. Lot 18 white petticoats plus two in color

  66. Two odd black skirts

  67. Box full of fancy black lace

  68. Small box odd white lace

  69. Two Quaker Ladies caps with shoulder covers

  70. Lot miscellaneous Ladies apparel, purses, parasol, hats, stockings, sleeves, aprons, box of plumage, girdle and a pair of gloves

  71. Lot odd pieces of needlework including a colorful finely embroidered table cover

  72. Lot miscellaneous materials

  73. 5 boxes various linens

  74. Hawaiian Hula Skirt

  75. Ladies’ lambskin coat size 38

  76. Two gentleman’s jackets, one with note uncle Roberts blue wedding coat, has moth damage and one wool winter coat

  77. Lot including Navy top and 2 pair navy pants, coat has damage, army uniform has damage and a musician’s jacket.

  78. Two tuxedos appear to be in good condition

  79. Large early chintz quilt, very good condition except for one stain, see pics, 118” x 115”

  80. Two crazy quilts, both have some silk panels damaged, see pics, one 76” x 76” and one 62” x 33”

  81. Early hand stitched log cabin quilt, generally good condition, does have some panels damaged, see pics, 745” x 76”

  82. Early geometric quilt brown, white and blue with squares and diamond pattern, very good condition, 76” x 82”

  83. Geometric quilt cut for 4 poster bed, green red and brown squares, does have some damage, see pics, 65” x 84”

  84. Lot 4 wool Hudson Bay type blankets, two with red yellow and black stripes have remnants of Witney Point labels, two with black stripes have MacAusland labels PEI

  85. Two homespun Jacquard bed covers, one cream, red and blue is 78” x 82”, the gold on cream is 76” x 62” both have damage and would make great pillows.

  86. Lot 5 unframed still life oil on canvas paintings by W. Burnham, Boston MA

  87. Gorham sterling candy bowl with heavily embossed floral border, no dents, 84.6 dwt

  88. Footed and reticulated sterling serving plate, no damage, 12.5 oz. or 284 dwt

  89. Lot sterling silver includes sugar and creamer, cut glass plate with sterling rim, footed cut glass compote with sterling base and rim, shoe, souvenir spoon and ramekin holder

  90. Gorham sterling compote with heavily embossed fruit pattern, base is hollow, stem could be weighted? 277.78 dwt

  91. Wicker baby carriage with wooden spoke wheels and porthole window, all original paint and upholstery

  92. Large lot costume jewelry

  93. Lot 3 Lladro figurines

  94. Dinner set for 6 Rosenthal China, plus odd floral tea pot

  95. Lot 6 gin bottles, two have hand blown broken pontil, good condition

  96. Two-part Sheraton mirror, top section has oil on board cottage and stream

  97. Lot Victorian walnut shadow box, Reverse painting still life, travel desk, leather box with leather applique

  98. Sketch of Daniel Webster on wooden panel burned in with poker 1857

  99. Lot 5 carved wooden panels Civil War scenes and Liberty with flag signed DM, sold with 6 crayon sketches

  100. Lot photographs including Inauguration of Grover Cleveland, portrait album and others

  101. Box lot in lift top pine box includes bead work picture of flowers, writing slate, fire bucket, two oriental mats, wooden dumb bells, candle mold, crockery bottle, half of a spoon mold, powder measure and shell maker.

  102. Clarinet signed Astor and co Cornhill London

  103. Lot books, newspapers and engravings

  104. Room size braided rug, green is dominant color, 11' x 8', good condition

  105. Steeple clock, bracket clock as is, eight-day time and strike steeple clock, French time only bracket clock case rough condition, movement signed made in France

  106. Oriental scatter rug with stepped medallion, 7'2" x 3'7"

  107. American Impressionist school flowering tree with seated girl with barn in background, 19 1/2" x 21 1/2", Inventory number on canvas verse.

  108. Picasso school, Lithograph in Sanguine on cream laid paper, Faunus with Pipe and grapes, 1950 signed illegibly dated lower left, lithograph 10 1/2" x 7 1/2"

  109. Color woodcut, "Dancers" Hiroshige Japanese 1797-1858, this is a later 19th century impression signed with seal, inscribed verso of frame, inside mat 9 1/2" x 4 3/4"

  110. Oil on canvas board, American Impressionist school, Red Pavilion in wooded Glen signed W. Phelps, early 20th century, 9” x 6 ½”

  111. Quilt Pattern: 8 Pointed Stars With Broken Dish Corners And One Box Of Mending Wool, quilt has faded yellow, pink and brown print. Bound in yellow with plain lining. contemporary machine-stitched repairs. Some staining.

  112. Black Flecked Organdy Dress With Woven Purple Lozenges Shaped Design. plain fitted top. Eight hooks up front. 17 inch sleeves edged with 2 inch band. Full bustle skirt that is 40 inches long with 8 inch ruffle. lined in white cotton. Some staining.

  113. Blue With Pin Stripes, Print Silk Day Dress Elbow length sleeve end, lace insert edged with wooden beads. Lace insert on skirt

  114. Circa 1940's Beige Wool Jacket Long sleeves, 6 button front with collar and short lapel. Fitted waist with shallow pockets at waist. Fabric button holes. Lining have some minor staining . overall condition is excellent.

  115. Ivory Rayon Satin Dress With Leaf And Cherry On Ivory Fabric. Short cap sleeves, side zipper, slightly raised waist with scalloped square neckline. slightly flared skirt.

  116. Black Crepe Dress With Long Sleeves And 2 Covered Buttons And Self Cuff. Side zipper, nine buttons back of dress. Shoulder pads, modified inset jewel neckline. very good condition

  117. Circa 1920s Loosely Fitted Slip On Black Silk Crepe Dress With Long Sleeves Skirt has 3 rows of ruffles, design of narrow pleats about center neck back. knee length.

  118. White Cotton Empire Dress With Long Sleeves. Badly soiled.

  119. Antique And Vintage Grouping Including 2 sterling handled parasols, 2 lengths of homespun one in very good condition, hankie with provenance, child's antique hat, jewelry bag, screen printed fabric featuring Pawtucket, Boston and another piece, 2 pieces crewel work seat coverings

  120. Two Pop Corn Crochet Bed Coverlets Good condition

  121. Crazy quilt in excellent condition, 68” x 68” dated 1881

  122. Gold and white stripe quilt with red floral print pattern, 70” x 90” excellent condition, sold with log cabin quilt top

  123. Eight-point center star early hand stitched quilt, 110” x 100” has discoloration throughout, sold with double sided floral print pattern quilt, 62” x